Tips To Switch Off

What does your Ultimate PJ Day look like?

Do you struggle to switch off? Does your day off still include lists of things to do? Or do you feel like a pile of crap if you do nothing for a day?

It’s very rare for me to sit and watch a film or if I do binge watch a Netflix show, I have to take a few weeks break before starting something new.

Netflix and Chill

This used to stress me out even more, I would be laying there with restless legs trying to enjoy the latest trending series and my brain would be like ‘nope, not today’. I used to confuse this feeling with ‘I should be doing more’, or at times it made me feel lazy, well until I burnt out (again).

Over the last year I have gotten to understand myself a lot more, with no deadlines pending or no future projects planned until the pandemic eases, I slowed down and relaxed in other ways.

Here’s a few things I like to do to help me create my own perfect PJ Day.

  1. Have a plan, I try keep it loose and no time blocking but I’ll generally know what I’ll be doing that day.

  2. If you want to watch something but then that weird guilty feeling pops back up, a tip that works for me is to tell myself I’ll do something I have put off for a while (usually laundry) then chill out. It tells my brain ‘ok you’ve done your work, you can relax now’.

  3. Find hobbies/activities that you get completely lost in. You know the ones where you don’t even notice 2 hours have passed by.

  4. I like to practise Reiki as a self care activity and work on being in the present moment.

  5. A perfect PJ Day for me is warming up my Pyjamas on the radiator, using a cooling face mask in a hot bath, taking the time to moisturise my whole body, making a nice cuppa tea and switching on the laptop.