Meant For More

Do you ever just get the feeling that you are not living your life purpose?

That feeling is within us all because we each have a unique gift but not everyone can discover what it is.

Don’t push down that bubbling feeling, there is something inside you that is meant for great things, you just have to discover what it is!!

Start to take notice of what comes easy to you, things others may struggle with. What lights you up? What do people seek your advice on?

Maybe it's Fashion, Healthy Living, Interior Design, Self Care, Art, Parenting Tips, Business....the list is endless!

For me, I have definitely been put here to teach. It always finds its way back to me. I just always assumed it was solely in a dance studio. No matter where I lived, I always found home comforts in a rehearsal studio. It is my safe haven.

But I have also had this bubbling feeling that I am meant for more. I thought it was to choreograph for more high profile productions. As I got older I realised, that doesn’t interest me at all. It’s the connections and relationships I make with my students that I love. It’s being in a position to give young people the tools to express themselves through theatre and creative coping strategies that I hope they can take with them throughout life.

Over the past year I have done some soul searching and looking back at elements of my life experiences. I remember being in college (Degree in Health and Social Care) and I found Psychology just came easy to me. I had never excelled in any academic area before, now I was getting A’s in my degree and people were asking for my help. It is only now, nearly a decade later, that I realise that this is part of my unique gift. Firsty, I understand the depth of emotions and social behaviour. Secondly, I am an Empath and deeply feel other people's emotional suffering and I want to help where I can. I feel all my life's experiences has led me to this point.

What about you? What comes easy to you? While you were reading this, did something spring to mind? I’d love to know if this brought anything up for you. Comment below and let's get talking.

Thanks for reading,


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